Nothing is as it should be; Everything is alright

I am a dark-feathered duck, Back to the current, Blinded to where it all leads But content to sit in its lap. I know that you are waiting Across the other side, And our no-reception phone-calls sound like Satan Bleating down the line, But give it time, I’m sure you’ll see That I’ll wait forContinue reading “Nothing is as it should be; Everything is alright”

All before 9pm on a Wednesday

The wind picked up handfuls of leaves and tossed them at us. Coloured piles gathering underneath the peeling white bleachers. Luca ran from flower bush to flower bush, disappearing inside the sprawling mass of pink and bees to return with short snapped lavender and daisies. I trudged up the stairs of the grandstand, walking sidewaysContinue reading “All before 9pm on a Wednesday”

This Dresden Dreamboat

Is all that’s keeping me Afloat, while wiping out the Ashtrays, rinsing out the Bottles, and ironing out the Sheets that kept us in a Muddle. Lindeman’s Cab Sav Bin: 45 Stains that bed where skins Were shed and fossils Lie) petrified (and weeping To some holy Genocide, A childhood crucifixion Haunts this tired fiction.Continue reading “This Dresden Dreamboat”