Ne Me Quitte Pas

This concrete shrinks each evening, The sky’s no longer streaming And my dreams have been bleeding Together with you in unending Farewell The garden-beds lay flat with bitter shame As crestfallen chlorophyll fades into sorry brown, The cobbled pathways feel an empty same, Leading to the faded hue of this wretched town, That shamrock breezeContinue reading “Ne Me Quitte Pas”

Failing you, my loves

Resentment pooling Babies drooling My last nerve spooling on a finite thread Who am I fooling? It’s not my calling  I’m falling, failing, where is my head   My teeth are grinding  On this ring-tight binding And I keep finding a pinching dread This endless minding I’m forever pining For solitude from whining, an emptyContinue reading “Failing you, my loves”