This Dresden Dreamboat

Is all that’s keeping me Afloat, while wiping out the Ashtrays, rinsing out the Bottles, and ironing out the Sheets that kept us in a Muddle. Lindeman’s Cab Sav Bin: 45 Stains that bed where skins Were shed and fossils Lie) petrified (and weeping To some holy Genocide, A childhood crucifixion Haunts this tired fiction.Continue reading “This Dresden Dreamboat”

Shadows by my side

A manic magnification of all that’s good and peaceful. Lame goats are tight-ropin’ through treetops with one hoof a-dangle as I lay tangled in the tundra almost frozen – still – crystallised then Ol’ Meg roar roar roaaars again, shaking me from my cocoon with smokestack cataracts fogging past as coal cool cold won’t letContinue reading “Shadows by my side”

Get me away from here, I’m dying… (or Never Fucking Happy Pt. 2)

Missed messages and sidewalk stalemates; This sideways city confuses me. An urban infestation, there’s no assimilation, Just an old man with his foot on my throat. A colonial boot, a well-pressed suit, With the rag-clad clinging to the edges. The old girl in front growls at the beeps Of some renegade opal machine, Engaging tunnel-visionContinue reading “Get me away from here, I’m dying… (or Never Fucking Happy Pt. 2)”

Out of nowhere; Out of my thoughts

The framing’s set, the ribbon tied, A soft sweet portrait in my mind, Like sandy strawberries, gritted teeth, An anxious knot, a salted cheek. I see it now; colours coalesce, The Virgin bare between your breasts As tulips tumble off your tongue, Into my ear – not to hear – just for fun. My monolingualedContinue reading “Out of nowhere; Out of my thoughts”