The Cats Don’t Come Around

The rain crackles on the corrugated roof Like popcorn exploding in the microwave. A great blossoming of gloom shrouded  The patio where we would once sit and toke and sway,Muted occasionally by the evening air traffic. The doleful Digitaria stretched its fingersWide and swarmed our well-neglected lawn.The old grass barely put up a fight,Submitting toContinue reading “The Cats Don’t Come Around”

The world looks to be ending (in your arms)

As you and I abandon all plans past next TuesdayDon’t cry for the mob will hear us sniffle:The mob who forgot their neighbourAmidst their self-mummification who Monitor and mutilate and I long to be in your arms As the Flames rise up like spears in a phalanxAnd we self-isolate in squat-houses,The sky tinted red butContinue reading “The world looks to be ending (in your arms)”

Black Spot

Rocks fling from the asphalt, loose pennies cast at my upturned bowler-hat bubble car, asteroids challenging my ozone windshield; I’d forgotten how these roads feel. Scattered with obituaries to long-dead high-school hopefuls. Laminated photographs, cryogenic colleagues forever youthful; trunks smiling with plastic flowers, music blared: my Piccadilly daydream- Each sliced bud grows in me, burgeoning,Continue reading “Black Spot”