I Wish To Rise Like The Rain

Our bodies dancing along the orange jasmine leaves In the soft spring showers. Molecular attraction plus surface tension Beads our hearts together In some new splendid invention. This love weighs a little more than a feather – Anubis sees right through us – The heavier our mass the further it slides us Down the valleyedContinue reading “I Wish To Rise Like The Rain”


I love you but could these wings fly?Freshly plucked, flesh dry and petrifiedThe sky is burnt marshmallowAnd the southerly blows hard against the swallows Fighting stance looks oddlyLike a mating dance Less than wholeWholy emptyArms are limpShoulders plenty Priceless painStrategic folds of brainOrigami avoidanceI crane my neck to dodgeThe oncoming thesauraus Trauma euphemismsBuild distance fromContinue reading “Plucked”


Taking refuge in unfilled potential.A farewell to arms and stencils,We free-hand with blunted pencilsOur crude etchings of the inconsequential. I try to follow the scattered crumbsOf a prior ideation, the WunderkindI was never to become – the youth sensation. Most books are left un-creased,The others in-one-ear and out-on-the-street-Curb your expectations for you won’t beSo enthusedContinue reading “Blunted”

Formlessly Collapsing

Socks up on the headrest, Bare chests Shining the moonlight; Breathless. Windows fogged, Winter’s clogs Tapping. An enging in the distance Forcing a hasty Rewrapping. I wore your pants Backwards, my shirt formlessly Collapsing Over your small breasts. Your eyes gently batting at this New wakefulness, This wilful entanglement. Realising, you offered to take itContinue reading “Formlessly Collapsing”

The Cats Don’t Come Around

The rain crackles on the corrugated roof Like popcorn exploding in the microwave. A great blossoming of gloom shrouded  The patio where we would once sit and toke and sway,Muted occasionally by the evening air traffic. The doleful Digitaria stretched its fingersWide and swarmed our well-neglected lawn.The old grass barely put up a fight,Submitting toContinue reading “The Cats Don’t Come Around”