Wishing away my life, one sleepless night at a time

Wishing away these shoestring years The cold breath of winter gasping up through pencil-wide gaps in the floor Breath like smoke puffs While croaking heaters sit unplugged Overgrown lawns and porridge for dinner Budgets tighter than the waistband of my pre maternity jeans Leaving angry red marks along all our happy places Nowhere to callContinue reading “Wishing away my life, one sleepless night at a time”

I was told I was beautiful, once

I was told I was beautiful, once  Loveless, void I’m half the woman I thought Stringy haired and bloodshot I sit alone, walls blank Nobody talks to me    Not the right fit for anyone My edges gouge and leave empty spaces Leaves fall, dark purple like clotted blood I’m chilled right down to myContinue reading “I was told I was beautiful, once”