I Wish To Rise Like The Rain

Our bodies dancing along the orange jasmine leaves
In the soft spring showers.
Molecular attraction plus surface tension
Beads our hearts together
In some new splendid invention.

This love weighs a little more than a feather
– Anubis sees right through us –
The heavier our mass the further it slides us
Down the valleyed tongue and into unforever.

Empty, vacuous and covetous creatures
We cling onto each other as we fall the three meters,
Hit the bricks, blur our boundaries until we’ve lost all dimension –
Just some general wetness.
A shimmer the sun’s morning rays eat for breakfast.

Suspends us into the thinnest of vapours.
Abducts us with tractor beams and electromagnetic lasers
Into great big clouds, bloated with boom-and-bust schemes
Though our trickle down would be no neoliberal dream.

Some may see us as Sisyphus but
I’d see us clearest as
Pleasantly swaying in Samsara.
There’d be no-one to separate us from our labour when
We’d live for the falling, surrender our spirits
And hold fast to our neighbour.

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