Taking refuge in unfilled potential.
A farewell to arms and stencils,
We free-hand with blunted pencils
Our crude etchings of the inconsequential.

I try to follow the scattered crumbs
Of a prior ideation, the Wunderkind
I was never to become – the youth sensation.

Most books are left un-creased,
The others in-one-ear and out-on-the-street-
Curb your expectations for you won’t be
So enthused when you’re breaking up the pavement.

Pray that your rubble may be gravel
For some hardened enamel to travel upon.

Gather your pawns and set them forth
To clear the way
For the Artists, Architects, Administrative Officers
And all the other capitalized A’s.

We mightn’t be sharp but we lay ourselves down
Like a paint-stained tarp and
You may take of my atoms and
Stitch them up with your stars.

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