Hearts in context

I give you space when you’ve got mourning to do
Because when they say we’re through we’re rarely ever through.
I will never have all of you
Nor should I ever desire to.

Your heart has many doors
Your bloodstream never snores
You play rewind and pause
On the garments you once wore,
You bore

A Hole in my skull about six feet deep,
You’re hardly ever sleeping, weeping, peeping at pasts
That pull your feet out from under,

You plunder down down downtown
Monster mash you dash
Your gash seeping (never sleeping) You tumble through the bramble,
Scramble down past the eggs of your best interests.

You get dressed anyway, put on your face
(You know the one)
Pimple-free and twenty three
Or “twenty something.”

You try to forget their promises
The certainties
The “would you mind watching my bag please” while I slip out over the eaves
And now you carry it, both straps
And wherever TomDick&Suzie went
Brain lapse

They took more than your novel, your chapters
They took your pain, they took your laughter
They took the long evening stares, souls bared
Not a place on earth I’d rather be,
With you here under me
Whispering us to sleep:
It’s your past that they keep.

But may it rest and rest with dignity
For they may be gone but each trick or treat
Opened doors that led you to me,
Each fig plucked from your tree
Pruning your soul for a new fertility.

Forgive me, for this may not be your last station
I’ll lend you the coal and you go the distance.
If it’s with me I’m happy,
If not please forget me. Let me
Not tease your mind, let me not chain you here
For an anchor to your moor
Is like a locked and bolted door and

Agoraphobia doesn’t suit you well darling, keep smiling
Remember our smiles if you must but let the rest rust
Smiles tinged with tears
Beating down our busts but I trust you.

I trust that they’re gone
and I’m here, that that is fog
and this is clear.
That the sweet nothings whispered in my ears
That I’ll forget in the morning,
Past the muesli yawning
Meant absolutely everything.

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