122 Australia St

I didn’t know it could be like this
not a great way to start but I can’t quite resist, as when I’m

Falling asleep to the twinkling chatter of your jaw
Running its sleep cycle diagnostic tests,
Your fingers curling into the skin of my
Bicep a little too tight and my latent
Claustrophobia forcing 3 of 4 limbs out
Of the covers to catch the soft 8reeze:
I feel unimaginably safe.

The relief in Finding your warmth
beside me each morning
Like a nervous hand tapping a back pocket
and finding a wallet,
The small hairs down your spine sending
Telegram signals to my own when
I turn my back to try to distract,
to find some reprieve,

—  —  —  •  •

This isn’t our life but maybe it could be,
This house not quite our taste and quite
Probably out of any future price-range,
You ask me what colours the walls will be,
Where we’ll keep our library and
Memorabilia from every journey.

Lying back on your chest in the bath,
Tears carving through the pores of my cheeks
I, your block-printed ecstasy,
You told me that tonight was the 20th
Of July and you loved me
And tomorrow would be the 21st
and you’d feel much the same…

—  —  —  •  • 

Then the dog starts with her moonlight cries again
But you tuck her in, g
ive her a treat,
whisper her to sleep-
And maybe all of this is masquerade
A strange charade that we don’t quite fit into
But I see visions of you i
n scenarios
That seem so distant but here
An accordion compressing and relaxing
With each of these flashes followed
By each hopeless argument,

Each time I feel at peace, my
Mind wages war again.
So I lay my head upon your sheets, listen
To the chatter of your teeth
Tapping out our possibilities
those signals pulsing over me,
I let our bruises feel the 8reeze-

growing pains I say, I’ve never done this, not really:
Never felt so at ease.

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