Fertility, Fertility, Fertility,
Fertility, Fertility, Fertility,
Fertility, Fertility, Woe is me,

The one who dwells between your knees.
Hold me squeeze at the heart of the seed
That flows freely where tongues have no keys
Where the answer is blowing through the trees,
Rustle the right way my dearest, please,
And fill these graham crackers with your
Marshmallow sweets and come with me,
Not once, but infinity

Fertility, Fertility,

The atmosphere embedded with a thousand
Latent pregnancies that tease at the heart
Of the ancient graveyard galaxies, you don’t need
A map for these, You feel your way with that great
Hairy millipede chest that seems to rest
So peacefully until it gets a nibble of that foul
Fleshy fantasy, abandons me for some
Almond-filled pastry,

Fertility, Fertility,

Did you find what you were looking for
Sailing overseas?
Did it look a little different than your
Favourite movies?
Did it sneeze down the throat of your
$10 smoothie?
Could you match the tone of its
Mangled Cantonese, or did you merely
Find the limits
Of your own abilities?

Fertility, Fertility

Come walk with me, let’s toss aside the mantras
And the peppermint tea, for we both know
That neither help you sleep these
Days when the brown speckled wings and the slow
Buddhist streams only seem to anger thee, and
Let us look upon our ministry, that three legged
Mouth to feed, where the fox jumps over
The path we lead, for it’s cracked and bleeds
From a punctured bruise we hide between
Our teeth,
But I know there must be a melody.
A chance to leave this all behind and leap
Into a reality far beyond this failed
Dance we breed,

Fertility, Fertility, Fertility come with me.

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