Bon Anniversaire

We take the last light minutes for ourselves

A canoe dipping and skimming across oil slick waters

A chorus line of fish leap into the air around us

And I wonder if we’ve forgotten the words to this love song

It’s eight o clock and there’s a bonfire on the shore mirroring a nectarine sky

My salt wet fingers cling loose to the paddle

And I let you push us out where the lake runs deep

The silence nestles around us and it’s been four years

Since that blistering afternoon where you wept to a crowd and we cut a tall snowy cake to symbolize a togetherness we have forgotten 

Darkness descends like smoke filling a room

We turn to see home lights glisten amongst the bluegums

Tranquility betrayed by a maelstrom within

Of tiny arms needing tinier sleeves 

An aviary of squawks and gummy smiles, pink cheeks relentlessly pressed against warm chests

How long has it been since it was just you and I?

Surrounding us, the piercing call of a thousand cicadas rises out of the quiet, one last encore before the encroaching night

I look back at you, water droplets clinging to your freckles and my hand stretches to brush your knee

You cease your solo efforts and we drift slow

Swallows swoop, a lone jellyfish like spun sugar is pulled along in our wake 

I murmur my dreams to you, a tremulous excitement like the ripples we cast out 

We nose the bank gently, the satin of a horse nuzzling for an apple 

Your lips brush my cheek as I stumble onto the grass 

There is love here for us still

Published by chloeroselilly

Samples of my poetry, fiction and personal essays in amongst real life

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