Recent Poetry

Empathy in the Face of…

The only actions that seem to carry any value in the face of death are those that reduce the suffering of our fellow persons and those generations who are still to come. How many times have I walked roads paved over and over by the long-dead generous of spirit? Nature is an unfathomable spectacle, butContinue reading “Empathy in the Face of…”


Grandparents. Who knew I would miss them so much – that I would yearn for that wrinkled touch? I look at him and I see a shadow of a man and it scares me. He closed himself from the world so I closed myself from him. When I see him I see me, or atContinue reading “Out-of-Touch”

This Digital Weight

Long before the currently mandated separation, I felt familiar with this distance. As a child of the internet age, I often recall episodes from my past that never entirely happened — at least not in the physical world. Moments of real connection and emotional substance neutered by pale colour palettes and sterile displays. Now thatContinue reading “This Digital Weight”

About Us:

We are a couple of writers who want to encourage an alternative approach to an often elitist poetry / writing world. We believe that our mediums should be open and inclusive and try our best to avoid putting it into strict categories. If you like our stuff and/or want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.