Recent Poetry


an expansive succession of months, stillness and volcanic movement a blood-bathed hacksaw  taken to the hedgerows of my life unfinished in its infinite divisions and I never could wrap my head around calculusĀ  the ungraspable whole so I draw focus to the minutiae: rain pooling in the open palms of nasturtium; the afternoon sun inContinue reading “twentytwenty”

our mother, burning

the night is still the sun, an overripe persimmon descends through a shroud five hundred cockatoos take flight an evening squall: our warning from the south wind like a melting glacier, an avalanche through a chasm takes our breath away we hold our hands to our faces, stare into the rising cloud a dark fungusContinue reading “our mother, burning”

Room for Rent;

Here for a good time, perhaps not a long time;Sometimes our gold years just don’t quite align. One man’s beginning is another woman’s aftermath;The scythe of time tearing wheat from the chaff. The shuttle carries my thread across your weaving;We all show love through different ways of leaving. Our hearts have a limited capacity, apparently;YoursContinue reading “Room for Rent;”

About Us:

We are a couple of writers who want to encourage an alternative approach to an often elitist poetry / writing world. We believe that our mediums should be open and inclusive and try our best to avoid putting it into strict categories. If you like our stuff and/or want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.