Recent Poetry


I love you but could these wings fly?Freshly plucked, flesh dry and petrifiedThe sky is burnt marshmallowAnd the southerly blows hard against the swallows Fighting stance looks oddlyLike a mating dance Less than wholeWholy emptyArms are limpShoulders plenty Priceless painStrategic folds of brainOrigami avoidanceI crane my neck to dodgeThe oncoming thesauraus Trauma euphemismsBuild distance fromContinue reading “Plucked”

Now Only

I dread the animals that are close to me My soul longs for anonymity All my turrets are slurry on the shore Handles rattle on deadlocked doors Core hard with membrane jellied Scales black with my beet red belly My hedgehog depends on the sad song You’re bleating — What went wrong when quills throngedContinue reading “Now Only”


Taking refuge in unfilled potential.A farewell to arms and stencils,We free-hand with blunted pencilsOur crude etchings of the inconsequential. I try to follow the scattered crumbsOf a prior ideation, the WunderkindI was never to become – the youth sensation. Most books are left un-creased,The others in-one-ear and out-on-the-street-Curb your expectations for you won’t beSo enthusedContinue reading “Blunted”

About Us:

We are a couple of writers who want to encourage an alternative approach to an often elitist poetry / writing world. We believe that our mediums should be open and inclusive and try our best to avoid putting it into strict categories. If you like our stuff and/or want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.