Recent Poetry

The Cats Don’t Come Around

The rain crackles on the corrugated roof Like popcorn exploding in the microwave. A great blossoming of gloom shrouded  The patio where we would once sit and toke and sway,Muted occasionally by the evening air traffic. The doleful Digitaria stretched its fingersWide and swarmed our well-neglected lawn.The old grass barely put up a fight,Submitting toContinue reading “The Cats Don’t Come Around”


Back when our hearts had curfews We’d catch them sneaking in, Tell them to be careful out late wandering. It’s no use. They must bruise to grow their arteries, Must come home shattered [WeepingGaspingShaking] As we nurse them back to full capacity; Praying that they will land on their feet, Whether or not it SucksContinue reading “Petulant”


an expansive succession of months, stillness and volcanic movement a blood-bathed hacksaw  taken to the hedgerows of my life unfinished in its infinite divisions and I never could wrap my head around calculus  the ungraspable whole so I draw focus to the minutiae: rain pooling in the open palms of nasturtium; the afternoon sun inContinue reading “twentytwenty”

About Us:

We are a couple of writers who want to encourage an alternative approach to an often elitist poetry / writing world. We believe that our mediums should be open and inclusive and try our best to avoid putting it into strict categories. If you like our stuff and/or want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.