Recent Poetry

Lightning in your eyes

I remember running through the paddocks in a thunderstorm, My four pairs of socks and gumboots, Your rough coat of black fur shining in the rain; Artillery blasting holes through the stratosphere. We ran and ran and ran and I’ve never felt so free. Crash-tackling into the grass, Wet paws and wetter arse. You nuzzling…


The clouds smile wide The skinks sun their backs The garden weeds rise The dog curls on my lap And I think I’m happy, even Though it’s all gone in a flash. Revolving home a thoroughfare For sometime ago friends Barely scratched tickets Potential for riches But I can’t make out the digits Vague penumbral…

I Wish To Rise Like The Rain

Our bodies dancing along the orange jasmine leaves In the soft spring showers. Molecular attraction plus surface tension Beads our hearts together In some new splendid invention. This love weighs a little more than a feather – Anubis sees right through us – The heavier our mass the further it slides us Down the valleyed…

About Us:

We are a couple of writers who want to encourage an alternative approach to an often elitist poetry / writing world. We believe that our mediums should be open and inclusive and try our best to avoid putting it into strict categories. If you like our stuff and/or want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.